2 thoughts on “Jacek Lorek and Roland Clarke of DNC have their photos taken by The Province newspaper.

  1. is the province doing an other story? the One they ran today and the sun copied it was good & showed how mad Wendy Petersen is about being thrown out of DnC. i gues she mises the $

    the poeple who conplain about you are the same ones who did stupid pidgin Picket and split the comunity. They tried to picket Cuchilo Resto but that one fell part after only 2 wieks. Pigin picket died months aggo but Wendy lied & said it was stil going but every one new it died in th efall. stupid

    why do they keep doing this stupid things? all there demos go nowhere & there hunger strikes go nowhere & then they conplain about you guys who just try to do real stuff for the poeple like runing the sunday market and getting $ to all the poeple. one of the wurst is Tami with al the fake last names so stupid

    the conplainers never do anything real, they just conplain about other poeple & conplain when no one gives then what they demand demand demand

    keep it real borthers & sisters & see you aT the West soon alright

  2. i’m a board member of the DNC and we as residence in this community have to stop people out of this community telling us what we are to do . CCAP is the worst organization in this community dictating and delegating as well organizing these protests and trying to represent use . i for my self and others that i represent disagree with Wendy P. i know that i do . care nanny more so Wendy go ahead and try to charge me with harassment for i live in Canada and have the right of freedom of speech. just because you do not like what i say you have no right to charge me , when i tell the truth . i live here and walk the streets here..so bring your protester goons that have threatened me with harm just because i do not believe in your methods.

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