Vancity renews support for DNC

On December 26th, 2013 Vancity Foundation awarded the DNC an additional $10,000 to continue its collaborative work to build a more just and caring DTES neighbourhood. 



One thought on “Vancity renews support for DNC

  1. HEYYY this is good job guys. Vanncity was going to pull all their money from you because the stupid resto demos run by Wendy & Jean & Ivan and the carnegie pals. They were realy realy pissed. Vanncity is for working stiffs & Wendy & Jean & Ivan wanted them to loose there jobs at the restos. Stupid.

    You made good call when you dumped over those demos now Vanncity says they can trust you again to do right thing and not do stupid demos that get nowhere & go nowhere. The demos fell aprt long while but we cant forget how stupid they ware.

    $10000 in DTES can go a long way. Spend it careful & spend it slow & make it last and Vanncity will give you more if you always work 4 the poeple.

    You got there trust back now you have to keep it you will be always working for the poeple

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