Featured in Vancouver Courier newspaper!

DNC gets some good press in the Vancouver Courier news article here!!

Let’s hope it translates into more support for the DTES Street Market and the Woodwards Community Space!



One thought on “Featured in Vancouver Courier newspaper!

  1. Now that those damn fool picketz colappsed at Pigin and Cuchilo restos its time to get some goodwill going again and get the city and the local busineses onbord & maybe sending some $ your way.

    This is good pr in the courier it needs to be folowed w/ good more work. You expeled the five goobers now its time to bring more new poeple onbord and get them working in One Direction. When you do that the city will listen, they took advantage of everyone hating the resto pickets & Pederson & Swansen & ignored you because of all there shit.

    Now that the resto picketz have folded you need to reach out and get the goood people to stand with you. Its never enouh just to get rid of the bullies you have to be open to the young poeple with strong ides & good energie.

    Good 2014 on you & stay strong by staying w/ the poeple.

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