Merry Christmas 2013

Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council wishes you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas 2013 and a Happy New Year 2014!!

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One thought on “Merry Christmas 2013

  1. 2014 looks like it could be a good year for the people in the hood.

    In 2013, the time waisters did a 29 day hungerstrike that got nothing done. They ran a Chuchilo picket that fell apart after two weeks and the Pidgeon picket fell aprt two months ago and Wendy & Jean and Kim & Nick & Ivan just slithered into the night and didnt say anything even to anounce that they had shut down the resto === WHICH OFCOURSE THEY DIDNT. Its still there only the picketeers are gone. They waisted A THOUSAND HOURS & got nothing. NOTHING!!!

    Now Kim and Nick are fighting with the MAWOists and Tim Lewis for ontrol of COPE. More time waisting.

    But heres what we have to learn === to never get involved with the pointless pointyheaded picketers again and instead to do real work 4 the people. That’s whats DENC has to do. Real work real projects real housing no more pointlessly bulshit.

    Last year Ivan & Wendy & Jean & Carnegie & Kim & Nick taught us what NOT TO DO. Lets make 2014 a year of WHAT DO DO. Good 2014 for all the peeps out there see you @ the west.

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