Special Guest Jak King at Next DNC Board Meeting

131 West Hasting St., 10th floor (buzz #1111)

4:00pm – 6:00pm Tuesday November 26, 2013

The DNC would like to invite special guest Jak King to our next board meeting for a discussion on the Coalition of Neighbourhoods and the Grandview Woodlands Area Plan.

Jak_King_bio-imageJak King has lived in Grandview for more than 20 years. Now retired from industry, he is an historian and has published two books of local interest: “The Drive to 1956” (2011) and “The Encyclopedia of Commercial Drive to 1999” (2012). He is currently preparing two further volumes on the history of the Drive. Jak is active with the Grandview Heritage Group, has a long-time interest in questions of urban design and streetscape preservation, and is an inveterate blogger.


4 thoughts on “Special Guest Jak King at Next DNC Board Meeting

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  2. I herd Jack King speak at a big meeting while ago. Its good that you are speaking to him and listning I hope. Hes very smart and has lot of skill. Every one can lern from him.

    Jak King wont wast time screeching & whining and wast months picketing a resto that gets no where. Hes way smarter than that he knows where the power is & he knows that Gregor is weak in the hoods right now & he knows how to use that to get what we need. Jak King is getting things done for his hood. More than us.

    The man hater came to one of his meetings & they threw her out good. Poeple like King knows how to get rid of the troublemakkers & get things done. Reform DNC needs 2 lern from poeple like King & stop paying attention 2 the timelosers you know who they are they used to run DNC

    Listen to King & ask him hard qwestions. Heel give you hard answers to make you think

  3. How did your meting go? I hope he talked about how to realy get things done for the poeple & not waist time in pinhead resto demos.

    Poeple like Jack K know how to make the City realy pay attention.

    Did you tell him how much time was waisted on those demos? Notrealy Homelss Dave’s hunger strike got what done? Nothing. A big flop. The Cuchilo resto demo was dead on arival & never did a thing. The Pigin resto demo is also dead & got nothing done. What a pinhead waist of efort. Effing pinhead do notthings.

    Just think of the thousand hours that all those poeple waisted on those pinhead demos & ask what they got out of them? Then ask Jak K just how much HE could get done if he had those thousands of hours to use on getting real work done for the poeple.

    DENC has to stop listning to time waisters who run resto demos that all fale & listn to poeple like Jack King who know how to get this happing the city starts voting next month and poeple got tnoging done with resto demos there all dead demos now any ways.

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