DNC Introduces New DTES LAPP Co-Chair Representatives

As part of a requested restructuring, the DNC would like to introduce our new representatives at the DTES LAPP table, Co-Chairs Richard Cunningham and Jacek Lorek.

Richard Cunningham is President of the DNC, celebrated community advocate, DTES Street Market leader, long time DTES resident and champion of the low income community.

Jacek Lorek is Sargeant-At-Arms of the DNC, coordinator of the DTES Street Market, long time labor organizer, homeless shelter rights advocate, and Gastown resident.


Jacek and Richard negotiate with City of Vancouver and BCS regarding restructuring of DTES LAPP


5 thoughts on “DNC Introduces New DTES LAPP Co-Chair Representatives

  1. Congratulations 2 Richard & Jacek. Youve got important work 2 do & a lot of times been wasted already. If you hit the ground running thats good cause the deadlines are coming up fast.

    The old DNC only listened to Whining Wendy & Jean & Ivan. Thats no good. Reform DNC has to listen to the poeple. When you do that you will be able to work with all the poeple & not just the ego ones.

    You also have 2 do real work & not just talk. If all you do is whine about someones else not giving you what you want youll end up like all the others complainers & no one will take you serious.

    Some1 will hate you just 4 being men. Dont worry about it. Self hate is the worst hate & poeple have 2 get over it.

    Ivan will hate you for nopt being Markcyst like him. Dont worry about it. Hes like a cyclops. One eye. Tunnel vision. No depth perseption.

    Now that you got the power you have 2 use it for the poeple & not for yourselfs. The city & bCS have finally figgered out that reform DNC is serious & now your at the table.

    Share whats on the table with all the poeple & youll do good & be proud.

    • As usual, the reform DNC board members will give into B.C.S., so Jacek and Richard will not assume a pro-
      gentrification stance so as not to jeopardize Street Market funding from the city. A losing formula for the 70% poor on the DTES in sub-standard housing, S.R.O.’s, is on it’s way.

      • Thats a fair point steve. Reform DNC got rid of useles troublemakers who just divided & divided the community & ran pickets that got nowhere & never would. The old guys torn up the DTES & maybe thats what they wanted 2 do all along from the beginning. They just like to be causing trouble.

        But now the reform guys gotta step up to the plate & do good things for the poeple. They got rid of the usels ones But now what do they do??

        The reform guys gotta prove that they are better & honest & serious about working with everybody who wants 2 help. That inclkudes the poeple who refuse to have anything 2 do with Wendy & Jean & Ivan & the manhater & never will. Now the city says OK & VanCity says theyll help. That good.

        So Some of the bad stuff is gone. The cuchilo picket is dead. pidgin picket is dead. No one even remmbers the not-homeless Dave hunger strike. But its not good enough to kill the stupid stuff now they have to creat good stuff.

        Time 2 step up with good ideas Steve & get positive stuff done. No one wants 2 hear whiners any more. They want to see positive & good stuff for the poeple. If the reform DNC cant deliver theyll be gone 2.

        The poeple need real work & no more talk complain talk talk talk & nothing but bitching & whining & screaching. More work less talk.

  2. Thank you Tim for being very respectful toward me and recognizing that I got it right about the reform DNC board. Yes, I agree, less whining and more concentration on positive work, will get things done. Thank you for your input here.

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for your nice words. Im glad we r in agrement here. Positive positive psitive is the only way 2 get things done. Otherwise poeple just waste everybodys time especialy there own.

      How many hours wasted on Cuchilo picket before it colapsed? Dozens probably & it acheeved nothing except miles of bad press for Carnegie

      How many hours wasted on Pigeon picket before it colapsed? Hundreds probably & it acheeved nothing except creat bad divisions in the hod that still hurting everyone. just look how ugly it is now & before these stupid pickets started we had unity

      How many hours wasted on the Homless Dave hunger strike before it colapsed? Dozens & it acheeved nothing.

      The old DNC & CCAP types waste so much time spining there wheels and getting nowhere. I drink I know but I think clearer than those guys do & I know that you dont waste time going against restos that have no power & never did & never will. My cat knows beter than that.

      The old DNC pickets & pouts & whines cause they wont lift a finger 2 do real work to help themselfs. They want someone else just to give it all 2 them. Stupid. & lazy.reform DNC gotta learn that lesson & do something real for the poeple or theyll end up getting tossed out 2.

      Everybody hates Mark Townsend OK but all by himself he gets more done than whiners & old DNC ever did & people got housing because 1 guy works all the effing time. Poeple gotta learn a lesson from what works & what doesnt work & the old DNC & CCAP never bilt one housing for anyone. Nothing None Nowhere & thats why reform DNC has 2 learn a lesson from old DNC falure. Thanks Steve

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