DNC meets with BCS and City to promote inclusive future for the DTES LAPP

Members of the board of the DNC, along with two members of BCS met today with the City of Vancouver to address long standing issues of process and inclusion in the DTES LAPP. Satisfactory outcomes are hoped for on both sides.



3 thoughts on “DNC meets with BCS and City to promote inclusive future for the DTES LAPP

  1. The reform board at the DNC is reaching out like it should. The crazies who have been trying to throw waitresses out of work have gotten nowhere. The Cuchillo resto picket was shut down do to lack of interest. The Pidgin picket has been sputering for eight months and achieved what? Nothing. Not-Homeless Dave’s so called hunger strike was a 30-day flop. No one remembers it. What a waist.

    It’s time to get out there & get connected with serious people. Poeple who are willing to do real work to solve real problems — and not just mouth off. We want housing?? BUILD HOUSING!!!

    CCAP is shitscared to lose it’s Vancity funding so its been trying to avoid getting caught running these useless demos. Finally theyre getting a bit smart. But a local blogs got another hit piece coming out anyway. More shit on Jean and Wendy.

    The reform DNC knows the old DNC acheived nothing except destroy the community and set friend up against friend. Ivan practicaly spits at Richie C nowadays. Shit. The old kabal is even attacking Anne Livingstone for chrissakes the best friend drug users ever had. VANDU is totally split from old DNC.

    The reform DNC needs to step up talk to power & accomplish something real for the people. Wendy the Whiner got nothing done and was throw out. Time to do real work people. Anything else is just useless pouting.

  2. Sorry I was unable to make it.
    I Assume all went well.
    Thanks Roland.
    Sent from my “contract free” BlackBerry® smartphone on the WIND network.

  3. Tim,
    If you want to reconcile the differences between the old board and the new, it doesn’t help to throw Jean, Ivan and Wendy into the lion’s den. They are not here to defend themselves, so I refuse to believe Ivan spits on Richard C. now. We all deserve to be respected simply because we are human beings, Why don’t you confront the old board in person ? You know where the CCAP office is.

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