CCAP protests DNC

A strange group of protesters gathered outside of Woodwards today, trying to get into our cancelled meeting. They were led by Ivan Drury, Jean Swanson, and Wendy Pedersen. Apparently there are no issues left in the DTES, and the highest priority of these paid activists is to attack and destroy a democratic neighbourhood association. Very sad. Very very sad. The meeting was cancelled by the building manager because he was afraid of a disruptive event. His fears were clearly justified.



71 thoughts on “CCAP protests DNC

  1. Really now. Who are the paid activists cuz as far as I know, Ivan’s not paid, Jean’s not paid and Wendy’s not paid. Im not paid either an Im hear along with many others.Exactly who was being paid to be there on their Saturday? No one. Your full of shit and lies. And are you saying that no activist should hold a job? Why dont you quit trying to spread bullshit. Actually your crap doesnt even deserve a response. So congrats cuz you got got me there but I think your agenda is rather pathetic.

    • then why do they not show all the records on who is psyed where the money is spent and who receives the money.As a board member i was denied all this. This Thursday at 4pm at the Carnegie center will be the fineanchell meeting i will try to make this and ask again for the breakdown of the accounts as a carnegie member .ivan and wendy where payed CCAP members and board members of DTES witch did not show the spending and the amount of money they received. If you look in the past with DERA and who was members of that and why was it not know’n that the money was embezzled by some of the people mentioned. look at the history of what these people have done for the community but call every resident mentally ill or addicted to narcotics .they have allowed the non profit organizations to take over housing and make $25,000.00 per person that they house by calling them all incapable of housing themselves . how many people know that your tenancy rights and Canadian constitution have been taken away to move into the non profit housing

      • DERA members that took advances on there pay 10x and let the people live in a slum when they became DERA housing and took away the advocacy for the poor. You are no better than the Christian poverty pimping organizations . you support the non profit organizations that gentrify all that live in then by calling them Hard to House .. The Carnegie outreach places people into these places without informing them that they will be classified as “Incapable of housing themselves”.This you can thank to the protester that wanted housing for the hard to house ,. now due to their rallies and protests you have the non profit organizations that house people are all mentally ill as ” Incapable of housing themselves “. Now for taking a class from Tammy , She is the one with a mask and boxing gloves at one of your terrorist rally/protest that you will do anything and everything to get your way. You do not allow the people to have freedom of speech ,unless it go’s with your agenda. you have people that do not live in the DTES and do not know what really is happening here . I have been living here for over 25 years and now I’m being bullied and threatened from board members of the Carnegie center as well the so called volunteers of CCAP . this is your way of harassing the residence of the DTES . I am not the only one that has been wronged from them . people put trust to these people and became homeless . I know . I asked for help from CCAP and was promised. like others and became homeless.It’s all in the documentary film that was made .

        • Carnegie Action CCAP has disapointed alot of people and still does.

          It’s just the puppet of Jean and Wendy. When they get caught they run away like scared dogs.

          When the Pigin picket started there were Ivan and Jean & Wendy on TV. I saw them. They were laighing and picketting & talking to TV reporters & boasting about shuting down the resto. Then it all went bad and Vancity talked about taking away CCAPs money, Ivan & Wendy quit and everyone tried to deny they had anything to do with it. They just want the $ney and they will say what ever they have to to keep it.

          Its the same crap that got DERA shut down. Wendy quit CCAP inorder to get on the Carnegie board that runs CCAP> So what’s the difference?? Shes still running everything out of Carnegie by being on the board that runs CCAP.

          Pigin = Wendy = Carnegie = CCAP.

          And then Wendy attaccks Roland for trying to run everything. Shes just jellous.

          • I am sick of being called white men and getting harassed from X-members CCAP and there volunteers, as well the Board members of the Carnegie center . As a child coming from another country ,my family was called DP ,not even a 5th class citizen of Canada . threw out high school i was attacked from the kids , came home with bruises and bloody nose about yow times a week . and now the CCAP supporters are prosecuting me and all men that are white . You sat to take a class from Tami the person that hates men and is totally predigests about any issues dealing with men . Tell me why there is no organization set up for signal fathers .No daycare set p for signal fathers as well .

          • Manhater, womanhater, hate is hate. It doesnt matter who the target is.

            But selfhate is as bad as it gets. Those people dont recover or get right. They just take selfhate out on others and they never stop. They cant stop. Its like crack to them.

            Its all thayve got.

  2. Were these people not removed from this Neighbourhood Council recently? I’m not sure why they were attempting to go in. Perhaps they could write a letter next time.

    • There was a meeting of the general membership scheduled for 2 pm, and we were never notified that it was cancelled. The Excluded Five were awaiting a reply tio their board email specifying that they wanted to present their arguments against expulsion to the general membership,using a total of 20 minutes of time to do it. Additionally, though Roland said they would receive a response “in due time” (Excluded Five sent email Wednesday Sept. 18th), it never came.

      • Actually, a general meeting was never announced. A message was never sent to the general membership, posters were never made and never put up. There was nothing to cancel. The board found out that the meeting was cancelled the instant that Gerry, the building manager informed the Secretary. There was no obligation to inform anyone else, since no one else was informed of the meeting. The fact that another group decided to invite people to a meeting that did not exist is certainly not the problem of the DNC.

  3. Roland, 2 new lies under your belt:

    1) I just found out that the building manager told you the meeting was cancelled 4 days ago (on Tuesday Sept 17th). You had 4 days to notify members the meeting was cancelled or to change the location of the General Meeting. No signs up. No change on the DNC calendar. We weren’t sure if the meeting was cancelled until the very last minute. You are deliberately creating conflict on top of conflict and this needs to stop.

    2) CCAP didn’t organize people to come out today. *I did.* Your same old tools in the toolbox are getting pretty stale: you can only bang the same hollow drum over and over again: CCAP. CCAP. CCAP. ta dum, ta dum.

    Your lies will catch up to you eventually. Screen capturing this & sending it to Vancity before you erase it, to save your time whining to CCAP’s funders with these lies.

    The best way to show you have the majority of support in the DTES is to let the Members of the DNC actually “vote”… civil could that be? Read the DNC bylaws. Members get to vote on everything. Members get to ratify your appointed board members. Members get to fire Directors. Only Members can remove Members. Members get to set DNC direction and policy. Why the delay? Why are you afraid of voting?

    • that the way you was elected to the carnegie board only until there was 50 members and the old board members included in the count . then you all elected the new board members at the beginning of the meeting which was a illegal election according to the constitution but that is nothing new with the way you take over .X board member of the Carnegie . and i still did not receive the transparency of CCAP accounts in a detail expenditure of how much they receive and how they use the charity tax no. from the carnegie. how the money is dispersed and to who. is the donations being spent on rallies to harass the residence of the DTES i know you threatened me with contacting the authorities in front of the carnegie with bullying if i did not stop asking question about CCAP past members past and what have they done for the community ? Nothing but gentrified the hole DTES as drug addicts and hard to house .

      • Ludvik,
        I assume you’re reponding to Wendy. Have you ever thought of taking ESL lessons, Your grammar,rambling sentences, and typos are so atrocious as to make it difficult to undertsand what the hell you are typing about.

      • Tim:
        Your grammar and typos require special attention here. Did you graduate from elementary school ? Why call yourself Tim when you are actually the unelected illicit reform board member Ludvik Skalicky ? Phony jerk. Submit to the sovereign general membership of the DENC, and test your legitimacy through a general vote by the membership as mandated by our bylaws, and especially the BC Society Act. Admit that you have broken Constitution #9 by marginalizing the legitimate Original DNC, the real board of the DENC, not a reform pseudo-copy.

    • Actually Wendy, I talked to Gerry on the Friday before and he told me that he started to see flyers about the meeting from CCAP and he feared a confrontation between two parties, that is when he phoned both you and Roland about cancelling the meeting. So how about remembering this Wendy, when you point blame on others you have four fingers pointing back at yourself.

    • Gerry the Manager also phoned you too Wendy on the same day because he told me this when he saw CCAP notices of a GM on the 10th Floor and he phoned both you and Roland and said because of bad blood between 2 group, he was fearing the safety of us residents living there, that there will be no meeting. So do not spread lies, when you lied to everyone else of your group of 25 that Saturday.

  4. Primary Organizers of Protest against the current DNC board:
    Ivan Drury – former employee of CCAP and current publisher of DTEast newspaper
    Wendy Pedersen – former employee of CCAP and current Pidgin protest organizer
    Jean Swanson – current director of CCAP

    Notable other CCAP members at the protest were:

    Fraser Stewart – long time CCAP supporter
    Gena Thompson – President of the CCCA
    Murray Bush – white male property owner from Strathcona, long time friend of Jean Swanson and CCAP supporter
    Diane Wood – long time CCAP supporter
    Maria Walstam – Pidgin protester and CCAP supporter
    Nicholas Ellan – Pidgin protester and CCAP supporter
    Sid Chow Tan – long time CCAP supporter

  5. No one was paid to take part in this action. We were at 131 W.hastings for 2 o’clock because there was supposed to be a general meeting there. Indeed, the Excluded 5 were supposed to receive an answer “in due time”, Roland, and instead one of your phony cronies came out saying “The meeting was cancelled a week ago”. I told him that was bs of course, and that’s when the building manager and Rolly called the pigs. We were assembling peacefully according to s.2 of our Charter of Rights. Also under that section, if you remember your law courses (Oh, I forgot, right-wing gentrifying rats don’t understand jurisprudence), we have a right to associate peacefully. You have successfully marginalized us, and for that you will pay. This is war.

  6. Steve says “this is war” and hes right. Who started the war?

    You guys are fighting and fighting with each other these days and no one is getting anything done. VANDU is against CCAP. First time ever. The Pidgins protesters are going nowhere after eight months. They are just trying to throw waitresses out of work. Cuchilo picket is dead.

    A reform group takes over DENC cause they see the old guard is getting nowhere. Now the old guard is fighting back & wants to recolonize there turf. Who gains from all this warfare?

    The city. The developers. The man. Whoever talked you into doing the LAP thing knew that it would tear you apart. Whoever talked you into doing the Pidgin thing knew it would tear you apart.

    Someone is giving you shit advice and now your paying the price.

    • Here is the history, from the only general meeting, minutes of April 6th, of the beef the Original DNC has with the New Board:

      “Ivan Drury and Wendy Pedersen speak from the floor. They claim that we
      are ramming through the agenda. There is general mayhem and argument.
      Jean Swanson also jumps up and claims that the conflict is still going
      on and there needs to be a resolution.

      Dave Diewart comes forward and volunteers to reconvene the conflict
      resolution committee
      Motion on the floor to reconvene the conflict resolution committee.
      Richard Seconds the motion.

      Debbie talks about why the conflict resolution process has not been
      continued by the board.

      Garvin talks about the conflict resolution as well. We are in the
      process of implementing the issues in the conflict resolution
      recommendations. He urges the crowd to be patient.

      Jean asks to speak in favour of the conflict resolution process. She
      claims to know several members of the board that are not comfortable
      coming to board meetings. There needs to be a process to resolve the
      conflicts. Dave Diewart claims that he can reinstate the conflict
      resolution process of last year.

      Motion passes.”

  7. with all this dysfunctionality, why not put time limits, perhaps 2 yrs, on terms for the Board. I think some people have been on it too long, feel they ‘own’ it, perhaps burnout, and some dumb ideas (like protesting a local business). It’s tired group, coming out with poor ideas, and a lot of infighting. I’m not sure how much money is given to participants, perhaps that’s why they hang on. It’s just a community board. Must be other positive efforts to do. Perhaps lobbying the government to provide real drug/alcohol treatment for the many people who want it and can’t get it. Or for making it a better community for kids to live in. Lots of ideas and new directions. When people start talking this way, it’s time to move on.

    • Who are you ? I have been a member of the DNC for 3 years, and have volunteered for over 100 different direct actions in support of social housing, against drug prohibition laws, and for the LAPP process to continue to contribute to meaningful dialogue about the ill effects of gentrificatrion as a displacement tool., I resent you suggesting that we are paid to demonstrate. Furthermore, every time you comment you have silly irrelevant suggestion about the Original DNC. You know nothing about the pivotal issues surrounding our war with the new pro-gentrification, anti human rightas board.

    • Typos corrected:

      Who are you ? I have been a member of the DNC for 3 years, and have volunteered for over 100 different direct actions in support of social housing, against drug prohibition laws, and for the LAPP process to continue to contribute to meaningful dialogue about the ill effects of gentrificatrion as a displacement tool., I resent you suggesting that we are paid to demonstrate. Furthermore, every time you comment you have silly irrelevant suggestions about the Original DNC. You know nothing about the pivotal issues surrounding our war with the new pro-gentrification, anti human rights board.

      • Steve. Your talk of going to “war” with other people in DTES is pretty sick. You know your attacking aboriginals, right? Very self important. Very childish.

        Dont you realize that your being played? Your being clowned.

        Who ever talked you into the the LAP dance *knew* that it would tear the hood apart. Who ever talked you into the Pidgin picket *knew* that it would tear you apart. I dont give a shit whether or not you get a stipend to picket. Others do. You dont/ Big deal. You dont need the money. Drug users do.

        You guys have been fighting for over a goddam year! Alll youve done is give ammo to the people who will never take you seriously ever.

        As long as your fighting one another you will have no power to fight the man.

        The people who conned you into the LAP and the picket are laughing. They knew it would get you fighting between yourselves. You have been clowned. Face it.

        • No clowning. This serious. I wasn’t tricked into this battle with the illicit new board. Besides, I have emailed Dave Diewart, the Excluded Five, and the board to encourage the conflict resolution process to continue. Let’s wait to see how both parties respond to each other,if they do. Diplomacy wins over war,temporariliy. Peace.

          • You talk about ‘our war’ with glee in your heart.

            Thats *exactly* what the man wants you to do. You were told that the pidgin picket would help. Its only torn you guys apart. The same for all the LAP fights youve had. You fell for all that shit.

            Look back. Think how tight the community was *before* the resto pickets started, and *before* the LAP began. DENC was unified then.

            Now look at the mess your in today. VANDU is attacking CCAP & you dont even realize what that means.

            Youve been clowned & you still dont know it.

          • You have a hard time with reality Steve.

            Your civil wars are so obsessed that you are now attacking Ann Livingstone for Chrissake. She is with the reform DENC group cause she sees what a deadend the old leaders are in.

            This is the same Ann Livingstone who has defended drug users and there needs for years & years & years. And your side is attacking her! When you do that you are attacking all drug users in the DTES.

            You attack drug users. You attack aboriginals. You attack Ann Livingstone and VANDU. And you think that a resto picket is worth all of this dammage to the DTES?

            Who ever told you to do the LAP dance, and who ever told you to do the resto picket is just doing what the developers want. They want to divide and conker. And thats what they have done. And youve been duped into thinking thats OK.

            Shitty leadership has destroyed DTES unity. Bad leaders have deceived you so completely that you can’t even see what they have done to destroy DTES unity and make it easy for the gentrifiers to get everything they want.

            Good leaders build allyances. Bad leaders destroy them. Look what your leaders have done. There just trying to recolonize the DENC and control it again no matter what the cost.

            The man is smiling tonight & thanking you. And you can’t see it because you wont let yourself see it. You just keep fighting your *wars* with one another and meantime the man is building his condos. You really dont see how stupid that is?

  8. Entertaining and sad.
    Lies and manipulation from a board run by Roland Clarke. Tells people that others tear down and yet he and Ann Livingstone go after CCAP by going after their funders. Made up enemy. People are so warped they believe this crap and he just keeps spinning it from his place of sickness and privilege.
    The DNC members organized the meeting because there has not been one. I personally asked 5 times why the non elected and non ratified self appointed DNC board does not consult with the membership – let alone actually seek out the conflict resolution process – blame Dave for not carrying it out? That’s just more misdirection and lies. You unprincipled oppressive non elected non ratified DNC board are responsible.
    Enough of your lies. It is YOU that are allowing the community to fester and fight each other – like going after CCAP, etc…..

    Mens club board. Sadly misogynistic and have no interest in anti oppression work – no big surprise – your only looking to line your pockets and involve others who want token pennies for votes / selling out. VANCITY / Police / City of Vancouver, BIA’s and oppressive violent gentrifiers.

    One could write a book about all this sick crap. Controlling people through the street market. Yea…..real principled.
    Your time is coming soon…….bye bye. (of course it will be a challenge because of all the oppressive violent corrupt liars that love people like you!)

      • “Apparently there are no issues left in the DTES, and the highest priority of these paid activists is to attack and destroy a democratic neighbourhood association.”


        There was nothing “democratic” about the way the new reform board was appointed. The general membership, according to bylaws 51,54,and 55, wasn’t given a chance to vote on the expulsions of CCAP board members. The new board members did not submit to a vote by the sovereign general DNC membership. You have only had 1 general membership meeting when the BC Society Act mandates one a month. Stop lying once and for all.

        • Your wrong. Stop lying once and for all.

          The Society Act does *not* require a general membership meeting every month. It doesnt say that anywhere. Nowhere. Your lying.

          Heres what it actually says. Annual general meeting
          56 (1) The first annual general meeting of the members of a society must be held not more than 15 months after the date of incorporation, and after that an annual general meeting of the society must be held at least once in every calendar year and not more than 15 months after the adjournment of the previous annual meeting.

          (2) Despite subsection (1), the registrar may at any time extend the time within which a society is required to hold an annual general meeting.

          You are deliberately confusing the mandate for an Annual Meeting with your madeup obligation for a monthly membership meeting. Stop trying to bullshit people. Lots of groups only meet officially once a year.

          No wonder you people are fighting all the time. You have to learn to tell the truth. Until you do the man will be laughing at you all the way to the bank. He’s building condos while your attacking one another. Super stupid.

          • You’re a very rude person. I already did read it before I posted, and this is what it says about general membership meetings. You may not know it, but I studied law at university, so I know how to interpret any kind of legislation accurately:

            BC Society Act

            “Part 3 — Meetings of Members

            10 General meetings of the society must be held at the time and place, in accordance with the Society Act, that the directors decide.
            11 Every general meeting, other than an annual general meeting, is an extraordinary general meeting.
            12 The directors may, when they think fit, convene an extraordinary general meeting.
            13 (1) Notice of a general meeting must specify the place, day and hour of the meeting, and, in case of special business, the general nature of that business.
            (2) The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of a notice by, any of the members entitled to receive notice does not invalidate proceedings at that meeting.
            14 The first annual general meeting of the society must be held not more than 15 months after the date of incorporation and after that an annual general meeting must be held at least once in every calendar year and not more than 15 months after the holding of the last preceding annual general meeting.

            s. 14 is what you are invoking, but the board has the discretion to call more than one general meeting. Look:

            “12 The directors may, when they think fit, convene an extraordinary general meeting.”

            This means that with 10% of the membership we can force a general meeting. It also means that it is at the discretion of the directors whether to call a second general meeting or not. After all, the Excluded Five were kicked out without a membership vote, and the new reform directors did not submit to a vote by the membership. We are in the process of forcing a general meeting as I type.

        • If you had read the Society Act *before* you posted you wouldn’t look so foolish now. Instead your reading it *after* you posted. LOL.

          You say that the BC Society Act mandates once a month. Your exact words. You are wrong.

          Stop lying once and for all is good advice. Take it.

          • If you know how to “know how to interpret any kind of legislation accurately”, shadohgy2le, then why the hell didn’t you do it?

            You on purpose mistrepresented what that law says. Youve just admitted it. There is *no* requirement for monthly general membership meetings –which is what you lied about. You didnt find it. Its not there.

            You think that its rude when someone catches you in a lie. Too bad. You shouldnt have tried to get a way with a lie in the first place.

            You said that “the BC Society Act mandates one a month” and now youve been caught. What you said was bullshit. Time to apologize for trying to trick people.

            That’s the problem with you guys. You just dont get the facts right, and then you wine like a wounded moose when some one tells you.

            Good luck getting a way with youre next whopper.

    • If you know how to “know how to interpret any kind of legislation accurately”, shadohgy2le, then why the hell didn’t you do it?

      What you posted was BS. You know it. Now everybody knows it.

      If you want to force a special general meeting then you can do it. No reason not to. I’ll be there. Might even vote for you. Just follow the law & tell the truth is all I ask. No BS.

      And remember what I told Steve. Before you were misled into doing the resto pickets there was unity on the DENC. Before you were misled into doing the LAP dance there was unity in the DTES. Now your in chaos and fighting one another 24/7. Developers have happy pants because of what your doing to one another.

      Youare even attacking Ann Livingstone and her peeps at VANDU. No one has ever done more for drug users than Ann. No one has. Ask Dean or Bud. And your attacking her!!! Unf***ing believeable.

      Youve been following some really bad leaders and they have driven your car straight into a wall. And thats why you guys have this stupid civil war going on.

      Meanwhile the man is laughing all the way to the bank. You gotta do better or the DTES is screwed.

      (PS your right about whine.I hear the word and I think the drink. sorry)

      • Never mind about “whine”. I make typos too. You’re right Tim or whoever you are. (i might be surprised to find out.). You know, I don’t even like the Original DNC because they’re just as power hungry as the new fake reform board. As an anarchist who has belonged to the DNC for 3 years, I never once voted in an election because we believe in no government at all. I never even ran for the board, though I am well beyond qualified.

        I must admit you’re right about one thing. While we are all in war, condos are being built and we’re fighting each other. Nothing is getting done. I don’t like the DNC period,if you want to know the truth. It’s a fascist oligarchy made up of power hungry greedy and selfish political social control hungry peeps. I’ve had my beefs with all the members of the Excluded Five, especially Jean. I think I’m gonna bow out of this whole mess completely Tim. You’ve convinced me it’s not worth it.

  9. most of the protesters are in some way connected to the Carnegie center, board members ,CCAP / volunteers. This protest was organized at a CCAP meeting and the residence on fixed income where harassed and bullies from the so called original dnc .all i say is google all people that are in this protest and look at there history of totally discrediting all the people in the DTES and look at the methods that they use .look up Ivan drury confession/resignation it tells how he and the names are public to infiltrate organizations to take control and disrupt them .

    • Ludvick is realy telling that the sky is blue & water is wet. The whole thing is Pederson & the Carnegie.

      Look. Pederson takes credit for doing all the resto demos. Shes proud of it. She gaot paid to work for CCAP. Now shes got promoted and shes on the Carnegie board of directors that runs CcAP.

      She uses that nettwork to do this crap and it tears the comunity apart. Then she says Carnegies got nothing to do with the demos she runs while shes on the board of Carnegie.

      I call BS.

      • When setting up this protest . The discussion was held at a CCAP meeting and was planned and organized there for that protest/demos. Like all the protests in the community are organized threw CCAP . that demos was harassing the tenants that live there , so I do not see how you or your activists that do not live in the community keep stating that this is good for the residence in the DTES when clearly you use terrorist and bullying tactics on the poor that live in the community as well the business owns .You do not fight for the poor . What about the living conditions that they are put threw from the non profit organizations and them making $25,000.00 per person that live in total hell , with no tenancy rights and there basic Canadian constitution taken away . For they are the ones that are gentrifying the community by calling them all (hard to house) incapable of housing themselves . I am and others in the community are planning to start a advice agency for the poor . To reactivate DERA only as a advocate agency .plan on making all the records public . Then we will see what people are still in the community that are harming the DTES

        • Its always important to follow the money. For a long time we heard stories about DERA & the corruption there but most of us didnt want to believe it.

          Then Victoria did an audit and holy sh*t it was all true. DERA got shut down and people couldv gone to jail. Thayr lucky they didnt. The whole place was riddeled with people who were paying themslevs and thayr friends.

          Just follow the money & see where it leads. People with clean hands r never afraid 2 show them

          A lotta people who complain about housing 4 the poor live in realy nice housing themselfs especialy in condos in Burnaby. Phoneys.

          • Steve. To quote Tami Decolonizer, you are a oppressive white male. You come from a place of privelege. You oppress others with your deamnds that everyone speeks the Queens English and gets univercity education like you white guys.

            Go see Tami. Shell strayten you out and get you to stop oppressing us with your white privelelge and white grammar. Take one of her workshopps.

            Like Tami always says, How the hell you gonna change your lying, oppressive dogmatic ways if you don’t even admit there is a problem?

          • There is nothing oppressive about my posts, and I was born to a very poor family. My father was a WW2 veteran, and there were five other siblings. My mother had to struggle to feed us all every day. I have fought for social justice my whole life. Just because I ask you to correct your grammar and use a dictionary, doesn’t mean I am oppressive.

          • You are a white man who refuses to see your white privilege and your oppressive dogmatic ways when you demand the white man’s grammer.

            You demand a dictionary. We demand freedom!

            You demand grammar. We demand housing!

            You demand a white mans rule sof privelege grammar and spelling. You are oppressing the people with your elitest ways. You must take one of Tami’s workshopps and learn to give up your elitist stannards.

            Your posts are oppressive to all people who dont have univercity education like you do. Ask Tami, and get right with the people. Until you do you are the oppressor and the grammer police.

  10. My god, what a bunch of reprobates you people are! So much money goes to the DTES and the area keeps getting worse!
    Charlatans, fake leftists, careerists, mendacious mercenaries–revolution’s not a day job, assholes. Exploitation of indigents, what careers you all have. I’ve been down there for twenty years. I know these organizations are just personal fiefdoms fun by phonies. And so does everyone else. That’s why it’s the same small collection marching all the time followed by a few dozen people paid 3 or 5 bucks each. What thinking person wants to tag along with Pederson or Starlight?

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