Support the fight against vending tickets

Call-out to support the fight against discriminatory vending tickets:

Come to support the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users at:
Tuesday, May 24th
2 PM
380 E Hastings Street

*Stop ticketing and prosecuting vendors*VANDU members recently went on mass to city hall, demanding to speak to the Mayor about the city’s unfair ticketing practices.  In response the city is sending Councillor Jang to meet with VANDU who will present their demands to him and a timeline for action.  At the meeting with Jang, two VANDU members will speak about their upcoming court cases and possible jail time as a result of selling their belongings and found items as a way to surviving on very low incomes.


(1) Stop ticketing and prosecuting of bylaws on vending, jaywalking and public urination until the city implements constructive solutions to the social conditions that generate this behaviour

(2) Provide a space and resources for 7 day /week vendor market

(3) Increase access by extending hours of existing public toilets and increase public toilets in DTES

(4) Implement pedestrian safety recommendations including mid-block cross signals, 30 km/hour speed limit.

VANDU demands concrete commitments before the November election.  If they don’t get an immediate response there will be actions planned at city hall.

*If the meeting space fills up past capacity, please stay outside the windows of VANDU – as this will help show the numbers of people concerned.

VANDU: (604) 683-6061


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