DNC AGM Scheduled – Nomination Forms Available

If you live in the Downtown Eastside and want to join the board of the DNC, pick up a nomination form at the Carnegie Centre, VANDU, the DTES Street Market on Sunday, or just come to our board meeting Tuesday nights – 4pm, at 380 East Hastings (moved temporarily from Woodwards 10th floor)

Our AGM is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, March 29th @ 62 East Hastings St.

(Please see posters and invites for exact times)

The Year In Review: A Statement from our President, Richard Cunningham:

2013 was a year of transition and growth for the DNC. We are very proud of our accomplishments over the past 14 months. Here is a list of just a few of the things the DNC has been working on for the good of the neighbourhood:

The Street Market – The DNC now sends a board member to the Street Market for weekly outreach to over 200 vendors and thousands of DTES residents.

HomelessnessThe DNC is now a member of the Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness and is engaging the City and Province on Shelter Issues.

Transit and Bus SafetyThe DNC has reached out to Coast Mountain Bus Co., and other organizations to help increase pedestrian safety for the DTES and lower transit costs.

Good Neighbours ProgramThe DNC is cooperating with the HXBIA to develop a program to ensure that new businesses do not target our residents or discriminate against us

Health CareThe DNC is sponsoring a peer run harm reduction outreach van.

FundingThe DNC has gained independent funding, and is pursuing other sources

Women’s CommitteeThe DNC is sponsoring an active Women’s Committee to promote women’s empowerment, health, and safety.

Aboriginal Affairs – The DNC is sponsoring an Aboriginal Affairs Committee

DTES LAPP Co-Chair The DNC is proud to be a member of the DTES Local Area Planning Process as one of the two co-chair organizations.



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One thought on “DNC AGM Scheduled – Nomination Forms Available

  1. what r u doing to keep out the bullys & rats from trying to takeover the DNC? They hate u for what you did 2 them by geting rid of them all last tiime & their plotting now to get rid of you & they never play fare. Never never never especshaly Wendy & Ivan. Not so much Jean but shes old . When she gets mean she heres from Sandys gohst who tells her 2 be descent & not a bully rat like the other one’s.

    You beter have lots of VANDU votes lined up 2 fight them cause they are realy mad at you especshally Richard & Roland who they just hate blind. Also Ann & VANDU. Their meeting in Carnegie right now to take you over & throw you out & they will stop at notthing 2 get ridd of all you.

    The bullies always thot they controled everything & everyone in the DTES & you made them look like childs.See you at the West and well talk.

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